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What is

Exchange Made Easy Club - ExME - is an innovative platform designed to manage sticker and card albums and help you trading with your friends. Find other collectors in the platform and create your own trading clubs.

Create your clubs and invite your friends and family.

Your friends and family are the persons you will most likely meet with ease. How many times have you discovered that a friend or a relative is also collecting stickers or cards from the same album you are, but you are almost done? With ExME it's easy to find out who are the other collectors and identify trade options in real time.

Have your album update on real time

ExME will have your list updated at all time, on the palm of your hand. Know at any time how many stickers you are missing, and what spares you have.

It's blazing fast to know which friends have spares you need and send a trade request. It's now easy to manage your album.


After updating your list, you can immediately check if new trading options are available. You can create your requests, and immediately send it to your fiends.

Share your collection with a close family member. You can have one album in your house, but every member can have their own trades with their friends. All family contributes to the album completion.

24 hours a day
in all
your devices

ExME is available on Apple Store, Google Play and as a web App. You can keep your albums updated and create trade requests at any time.

Your album status
in your hand

With ExME, you always know how many items you have, how many are missing and what are your spares. Check the podium and compare your album status with your friend’s albums. Having you album status updated is no longer a nightmare.

Need to be
online at all time?

No! ExME will send you an alert every time you get a trading request, or when others have replied to your trade requests, or when you have been invited to a trading club, or other activity that require your attention.


Your album status with you at all time

Control and manage your album evolution

Create your own trading clubs with your friends and family and complete your album

Share your album with family members and have everyone contributing to complete the album

Send your checklists to yourself or to others with a click

Compare your album with your friends. Check out who is leading

How to Start


Download the app and register

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Add your Album

Choose your collection from our album list. If you do not find it, you can request to add and we will gladly make it available for you.

Start updating your list

Update your album. You can immediately start inserting your items to have your list updated. With a simple click or touch you can add 1 single item, or use the Add Multiple Items option to upload a list of items.

Join a club or create your one

There are several trading clubs in ExME. Join a club that is near your home or work address, or create your own club and invite your friends to join it. Choose what type of club you would like to create and manage it. You can create public clubs, with free access to anyone who wishes to join, private clubs where collectors will require your approval prior to joining, or, secret clubs, where all the members will have to be invited by you.

Trade your stickers and cards

The trades are made in person or by mail. You will need to schedule with your friends where you will meet to complete the trade after physically exchanging the stickers and cards. If both agree you can also ship your stickers by mail. Once the trade request is closed, your collection will be automatically updated.

Follow your friends album status

You can maintain your album updated and check your friends albums status also. In the podium section, check out who is in the lead.

Contact us if you need help

f you need help please send us an email at:

Share ExME with your friends

This will help to promote ExME and also to increase your trading options. Invite them to ExME! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter or in Instagram.

And at last...

Finish your Album!

That was your goal, right?!?!


How can I manage my album on ExME

PTo manage your album you need an account on ExME app. Once you are logged in, click in Add Collection to choose your album from the available list. If you do not find your album, send us a request, and we will add your album to ExME. Once you have your collection added, go to the stickers tab and start adding items immediately, either individually using the + and - buttons, or as a list, in the Options button.

How to swap stickers or cards?

You need to join a club in order to trade your items. Once you are a member of a club you can trade with all other club members. Just enter your collection, go to the Trade tab and check out all your trading options. Choose one and send a trading request. Wait for the other member acceptance and arrange how will you trade your items using ExME messaging system

You have a sticker album for the whole family?

Share the album between your family members, and all can contribute to completing the album. Every member will manage their own trade requests in their clubs, but the collection is the same and will be updated for all.

Can I export my checklists?

Yes, go to My Collections, choose your album and in the sticker list click on the Option button. You can choose to send the check list to you or to any email you type in.

How to trade?

In your collection in Trades tab, check what are your available trading options. If you have options, create your request and send it to the other collector. If you do not have any trading options, join a club with people that are near you, or create your own club. Follow your trade in the requests area and chat with the other member with ExME messaging.

Who is leading?

Are your friends completing the album? Find out who has more stickers and is in the lead at the Podium tab. Check out if your friends are almost completing their albums and catch up.


You still need assistance? Do you have a suggestion to improve ExME? Contact us!